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Arca Deli Awards 2017

Arca Deli® Awards 2017

The Arca Deli Awards 2017 started with an opulent dinner in Arcos de Valdevez, Potugal. For the tender Cachena veal and for the Feijao Tarreste beans prepared with stewed cabbages (Brassica rapa var. Cymosa) and rice, all participants acted as jury and praised appearance, taste and preparation to the highest. At this point we would like to remind you that the preservation of traditional diversity is "through the stomach" because it is only when we consume the diversity that the farmers benefit from their prod-ucts and can thus continue the in-situ conserva-tion.
In addition to these delicacies, the Arca Deli Award 2017 was awarded to the Dutch beer "Pa-trijske", which is produced, among other things, with the old wheat variety "Zeeuwse witte". "Pa-trijs" means partridge. The name indicates that the beer will also preserve the Seeland heraldic ani-mal, the partridge.
Two other products were submitted from Switzer-land: The Whiskeychnebel (a whiskey smoked sausage specialty from the woolly pig) as well as salami from the woolly pig was also assessed by all participants. The jury was very surprised by the high Swiss prices for those specialties.
A product from the non-food sector was submitted by the Archehof Windeck in Germany: A very sturdy, processed leather bag from the leather of the Glanrind. Also this product has its price as it is produced in a small German factory. manufactory.
Many of the producers are very reluctant to label their products. As in previous years, the jury stated that there is still too little reference to the specific origin of the products on the labels. The preservation of our agricultural diversity is worth informing the consumers with clear indications on the product. There is still a very great potential here.

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