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Arca Deli Awards 2017

Arca Deli® Awards 2017

The Arca-Deli Awards® are presented annually to products and services of locally adapted livestock breeds and cultivated plants. The award is presented to products and services seen as being recommendable as a model or example of good practice for the marketing of products or services out of rare breeds or plant varieties. The Arca-Deli® Award label can then be used on products and services which have been awarded by the SAVE judging committee at the SAVE annual meeting as a means of adding value. The Arca Deli® Award is allowed for the respective single product (or service). The year of judging will be on the label.
The Arca-Deli® award can be valuable especially on local markets and encourages other farmers and producers to improve the quality of their own products and services. This means that the niche products associated with locally adapted breeds and varieties become, on a small scale, more competitive and more economically viable.
Products and services must meet the following conditions:
•    Product or service (PoS) must originate from a farm that is connected either to the European Ark Network "Arca-Net" or the "Variety-Savers" Network.
•    PoS must serve the in situ/on farm conservation of the autochthonous breed or variety.
•    PoS must be qualitatively above the average
•    PoS must be recommendable as a model or example of good practice.
Products and / or documentation regarding services can be submitted once a year to the judging committee of the SAVE Foundation. For this a call for proposals is launched in time before the Annual Meeting of SAVE Foundation and the SAVE Network. SAVE staff are excluded from entering this award.
The awards are given by the Board of Directors of SAVE Foundation, following the recommendations of a three-member judging committee. The decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
Each winning entry will be awarded with a certificate and the right to use the Arca-Deli logo on their winning product/s.
Deadline for entries 2017: Friday 1th September.
Please note: Late entries will not be considered.
Please send:
•    A sample of the product or photo/video documentation of the service
•    A full description of the product or service including how it secures conservation of the breed or variety (max. 3 pages in English) Descriptions in other languages may be submitted as a Word document by email to by 1st September
•    The information sheet and declaration (signed)
A maximum of two products per farm can be entered.
Entries should be sent to:
c/o Rui Dantas
Rua Eng. Segismundo Lima n°12,
P-4715-410 Braga-Nogueiro / Portugal
SAVE Network Office Wageningen
c/o Nonja Remijn
Gebouw De Valk
Dreijenlaan 2
6703 HA Wageningen
The Netherlands

For any questions please contact
SAVE Project Office
c/o Waltraud Kugler
Neugasse 30
9000 St. Gallen

You can also contact your national SAVE Partner (see: ; to take your sample and declaration to the SAVE annual meeting in September 2017 to Porto de Lima, Portugal



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